Starboards Signature 'Coastie Joe'
The 'Coast Guard City' designation was created a little over a decade ago. On November 13, 1998, a law was enacted that allowed the city of Grand Haven, MI, to formally be called “Coast Guard City, USA?. Grand Haven’s designation was based on their long history of extraordinary support for Coast Guard personnel assigned to the Grand Haven area. The law also provided for other cities to be similarly designated with a 90-day notice of intent from the Commandant to the two authorizing congressional committees. Other cities include Eureka, CA; Mobile, AL; Morgan City, LA; Wilmington, NC; Newport, OR; Almeda, CA; Kodiak, AK and Rockland, ME. These cities have made special efforts to reach out and acknowledge the professional work of the Coast Guard men and women in their area. Until today, Rockland, Maine had the distinction of being the last city to receive this recognition. Their designation came in June 2008. 

With this prestigious designation, Portsmouth became only the ninth community in the country to become "A Coast Guard City."
The shared history of Portsmouth and the Coast Guard dates back to 1820 when the Lighthouse Service anchored its first lightship off Craney Island. In 1870, the Lighthouse Service boat depot and buoy service was established where nTelos Wireless Pavilion at Harbor Center is now located, and in 1874 the Sixth Life Saving District was established in Portsmouth.
The Coast Guard City program recognizes the communities that support Team Coast Guard across the nation. A city or municipality earns the distinction of being named “A Coast Guard City? by making special efforts to acknowledge the professional work of the Coast Guard men and women assigned to their area. Coast Guard Cities regularly reaching out to Coast guard personnel and their families and make them feel “at home at their home away from home.? The cities efforts illustrate a longstanding and enduring relationship with an emphasis on considerations the community has made for the members of the Coast Guard family. The Coast Guard is pleased to recognize Coast Guard Cities - those cities that have extended so many considerations to the Coast Guard family and their dependents.
What makes Portsmouth's designation unique is that the city received the distinction on their first try.  Special recognition should go to the hard work by the Mayor's Military Affairs Commission in submitting the application for this honor. Other cities have not been so fortunate. Rockland, ME had to go back to the drawing board and resubmit their request. Elizabeth City, NC has tried twice and has yet to receive the honor. 

The City of Portsmouth is being recognized for its ongoing relationship and efforts with local Coast Guard units, including the Fifth District, Atlantic Area, Base Portsmouth and Sector Hampton Roads.
'Coast Guard City' Qualifications
Portsmouth, Virginia
A Official 'Coast Guard City'
Eventually, Everybody Lands at Starboards.
'Coastie Joe' introduced as part of
'Coast Guard Day Celebration'

Since 2004, Starboards Coffee Kiosk of High Street Landing in Portsmouth, Virginia has celebrated Coast Guard Day for the Fifth District of the United States Coast Guard.  Throughout the day, Starboards has provided discounts on beverages and food. 

In 2006 a new signature Starboards coffee drink made its’ debut - the Coastie Joe’, a bold cup of dark roast with a shot of espresso.  

In addition, Starboards has given away raffle prizes to include Team Coast Guard NASCAR autographed items and gift certificates.  As always, mini-individual birthday cakes topped with a U.S. Flag are given to everyone. 

Starboards has continued the tradition of their 'Coast Guard Day Celebration' as a way to recognize and thank the men and women of the United States Coast Guard. The support was so great that they changed the name in 2009 to ‘Portsmouth's Coast Guard Day Celebration' to reflect the sentiment of the Portsmouth business community. 
In the fall of 2009, the City of Portsmouth received the highly coveted designation of "Coast Guard City" from the United States Congress.
In August 2010, the City of Portsmouth celebrated the designation with a Coast Guard Celebration held around Coast Guard Day.  That year, Starboards collected over $7,000 in prizes and gift certificates from businesses in the community.
As part of the 2010 Coast Guard Celebration, Starboards introduced the Iced Coastie Joe (shown above).  It's a premium Iced Coffee, made with Starboards signature coffee ice cubes, with a shot of espresso.  The Coast Guard life jacket is optional.
Today, the Coastie Joe and Iced Coastie Joe (shown below) are served at Starboards as an ongoing tribute to honor the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard.
Portsmouth Virginia
will again celebrate its status as an Official Coast Guard City from August 2-4, 2012.

Watch the website and the Coast Guard City Portsmouth VA Facebook Page for more details.
For over 200 years, members of the United States Coast Guard have dedicated their lives to keeping America’s waterways safe, secure, and environmentally sound. With such a diverse set of missions, there is no way they could be so successful in those missions without creating partnerships with the American public.
One of the Service's greatest strengths is that they routinely reach out to assist and collaborate with others to achieve common goals. If you live, work, or recreate near the water – as tens of millions of Americans do – you too have a vital role to play through a program called America's Waterway Watch.

America’s Waterway Watch is an extension of the successful program they launched in 2006. They’ve enhanced it to make it more dynamic and easier for the public to engage with us in being the eyes and ears for the brave men and women working hard to keep our homeland safe.

Your help will vastly increase the reach and power of your Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard and all of America's homeland defenders.  We encourage you to participate.  Visit their website at America's Waterway Watch.
Starboards Participates in America's Waterway Watch
Since 2006, Starboards Coffee Kiosk has participated in America's Waterway Watch by being the eyes and ears of boating activity at High Street Landing.  Here's why we participate...
Starboards was asked by the U.S. Coast Guard to participate in the program.  We're glad to be part of the program and we encourage you to do the same.
The Coastie Joe is the 
'Unofficial" Coffee Beverage 
of the Official Portsmouth Coast Guard Celebration.
History of 
Coast Guard Day

August 4 is celebrated as Coast Guard Day to honor the establishment on that day in 1790 of the Revenue Cutter Service, forebear of today's Coast Guard, by the Treasury Department. On that date, Congress, guided by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, authorized the building of a fleet of ten cutters, whose responsibility would be enforcement of the first tariff laws enacted by Congress under the Constitution. 

The Coast Guard has been continuously at sea since its inception, although the name Coast Guard didn't come about until 1915 when the Revenue Cutter Service was merged with the Lifesaving Service. The Lighthouse Service joined the Coast Guard in 1939, followed in 1946 by the Bureau of Navigation and Steamboat Inspection. Finally, in 1967, after 177 years in the Treasury Department, the Coast Guard was transferred to the newly formed Department of Transportation.

Coast Guard Day is primarily an internal activity for active duty Coast Guard personnel, civilian members, reservists, retirees, auxiliaries, and dependents, but it does have a significant share of interest outside the Service. Grand Haven, Michigan, also known as Coast Guard City, USA, annually sponsors the Coast Guard Festival around August 4. Typically it is the largest community celebration of a branch of the Armed Forces in the nation.

In addition to celebrating their own day every year, Coast Guard members also participate as equal partners in Armed Forces Day activities.  
The 'Iced Coastie Joe' is the 'Unofficial" 
Coffee Beverage of the Official 
Portsmouth Coast Guard City Cerlebration.